The Anode Stacker Crane

 New     |      2022-06-24 17:25

The Anode Stacker Crane is a special equipment for the carbon block warehouse workshop in the carbon industry. The equipment is mainly composed of bridge, trolley running mechanism, lifting mechanism, guiding device, special combined fixture, control system, electric hoist and so on. Its main purpose is to clamp the carbon blocks in the warehouse through the control system for round-trip stacking, loading and sporadic lifting in the workshop. The clamping direction of carbon block is divided into horizontal and vertical forms, and the fixture structure is divided into pneumatic and self weight forms.

1 - bridge; 2 - lubrication system; 3 - guiding device; 4 - winch system; 5 - fixture; 6 - electric control system
Structure Ltemized name Unit Verticaljig Horizontaljig
Complete vehicle Total installed power Kw 100-130 110-130
Working level   A6-A8 A6-A8
running speed m/min 6-60 6-60
Speed regulation mode   frequency conversion frequency conversion
Crane bridge Working level   M6-M8 M6-M8
span m 13.5-34.5 13.5-34.5
Lifting speed m/min 2.5-6 2.5-6
Speed regulation mode   frequency conversion frequency conversion
Working level   M6-M8 M6-M8
Lifting capacity t 19-26 44815
Main lifting mechanism Clamp force kn ≤33 ≤33
Support mode   Dead weight connecting rod Pneumatic interlock
pressure mpa nil 0.8
Exhaust volume m'/min nil 4
fixture Lifting capacity t 44597 44597
Lifting speed m/min 0.8-8 0.8-8
running speed m/min 20 20
Working level   M3 M3
Note: The above technical parameters are for reference