Cleanroom Cranes belt hoist

 Crane hoist     |      2022-04-26 15:43

Electric belt hoists are designed for sterile environments. Ideal for food production, agriculture or the chemical industry. Lifting capacity from 500kg to 2000kg.
Safe and convenient electric hoist overload limiter for cleaning indoor environments to avoid accidental overloading of cranes. Durable belts resist boiling water immersion, are acid resistant, and do not react with solvents. Kunfeng belt hoist will not corrode when exposed to such an environment.
The standard Kunfeng electric belt hoist has a lifting capacity of 2 tons, special models can be up to 5 tons. The lifting height is up to 9 meters, and the two-speed motor ensures that load handling is easier to handle.
Belt hoists are compatible with existing equipment
You may not want to buy lifting equipment from a different supplier. This makes maintenance and upgrades more time-consuming, expensive, and complex. Kunfeng electric belt hoists can be easily installed into any Konecranes light crane system you may currently own. We can provide you with a comprehensive solution.
For clean indoor environments that require a safe and reliable hoisting mechanism, Kunfeng electric belt hoists are always the right choice for you.