KITO clean room electric hoist

 Crane hoist     |      2022-04-26 15:36

KITO's hoist for clean room uses a number of technologies and proprietary production processes owned by KITO as a manufacturer of comprehensive material handling equipment, and has established its own specifications according to its use and use environment, and has won the trust of the market.
KITO clean room hoist has a rich product lineup, including various cranes and electric chain hoists, wire rope hoists, lever hoists, chain hoists, etc., ranging from small tonnage to large tonnage. Crane equipment, like buildings, is a piece of equipment that is used semi-permanently once delivered. Therefore, in order to be able to propose a clean room specification that is most suitable for the customer, we will carefully understand the customer's requirements and conditions, carefully consider and propose our own solutions until the customer is satisfied. In addition, after the installation of KITO clean room hoist is completed, we will rely on our after-sales service and perfect spare parts supply system to provide long-term technical support for customers.