European type double girder overhead crane

 Europe type crane     |      2022-04-27 15:42

European type double girder overhead crane is a new type double girder overhead crane, compared with the normal double girder overhead crane, NLH adopts the FEM standard, structure is more compact, working more steady with low noise, the motor is ABB, reducer uses SEW, Siemens main electric parts, all these characteristics makes it more has more advantages compared with normal overhead crane.

The whole technical level reach to international and domestic advanced leading level. The crane's steel mechanism with professional design, structure optimization, meet the requirements of strength, rigidity and sability. During the design progress, we also take into account about the working environment, the design of steel structure considering the manufacture, inspection, transportation, installation and maintenance convenience. 
The electric hoist trolley adopt ND type steel wire rope electric hoist trolley, the standard traveling speed of crane is 3-30m/min, standard traveling speed of trolley is 2-20m/min. As for lifting speed, frequency control makes it has optional speed besides the standard speed to meet customers different requirement.
Light self-weight and compact structure can greatly reduce the cost of the warehouse, also spare more room for the lifting height, greatly take advantages of the warehouse.