Robot seventh axis

 Gantry-robot     |      2021-12-23 15:15
The seventh axis of the robot is also called the robot walking axis, the robot ground rail, the robot sky rail, and the robot external axis. According to site application and installation needs, the robot can be suspended, suspended, or ground-mounted. Handling workstation for the seventh axis of the robot: different actuators can be installed at the end of the handling robot to complete the handling of workpieces and products of different shapes, sizes, and states, which greatly reduces the heavy physical labor of workers.
There are more than 100,000 handling robots in use in the world, which are widely used in automatic handling such as machine tool loading and unloading, stamping machine automated production lines, automated assembly lines, palletizing and handling, and boxing. Product description: The system includes industrial robots, welding equipment, sensing systems, displacement systems, exhaust dust removal systems and auxiliary equipment, etc., using continuous trajectory or point control under computer control, welding tracking technology, welding detection technology, etc. Various welding needs in production.
Application areas: automotive, instrumentation, digital 3C, electrical appliances, ceramics and furniture processing industries. Product description: The main components of the robot spraying system include a 6-axis robot, a walking track (the seventh axis of the robot), a robot control cabinet, a teaching panel, a rotating cup, a centralized paint transfer, a spraying electric control cabinet, and a software control system.
The main advantages of robot spraying are: replacing labor, liberating labor, improving working conditions, and increasing efficiency; flexible and precise spraying; saving paint and increasing material utilization; short working cycle, long running time, and 24-hour uninterrupted work; Improve the spraying quality, the spraying speed is fast, and the spraying is more uniform. Automatic adjustment of spray gun height, front and rear, and angle positions according to changes in the workpiece, flexible spray size control, 360° spraying without dead angles in all directions.