Truss robot

 Gantry-robot     |      2022-07-19 17:03
The truss robot is used as a machine, and all its actions are carried out in accordance with our instructions. So, how does the truss robot ensure safe work? This is because various safety devices are designed to ensure the safe operation of the truss robot. Braking device: There is a braking device at the joint of the truss robot to prevent the manipulator from rotating or loosening, and it is used to stop the manipulator at the end of the work.
Gas cut-off protection device: One-way valve and gas storage tank are used to ensure that the truss robot will not be accidentally injured after a sudden cut-off of gas, and can provide continuous and stable working pressure. Fixture self-locking device. The fixture is equipped with a shut-off valve to ensure that the fixture will not loosen when the system suddenly leaks, unless the button is operated.
Supercharger: When the on-site air source pressure is not high or unstable, you can choose a pressurizing device to increase the working pressure of the air source and ensure the normal operation of the machine tool system; low-pressure alarm device: When the power supply works abnormally, a safety alarm signal Real-time detection and timely notification to remind operators to take timely measures.
Misoperation protection device: monitors the moving speed of the truss robot to prevent accidental injuries when the robot arm rises or falls rapidly during misoperation; load-bearing limit protection device: when the truss robot grabs an overweight workpiece, the robot will issue an alarm. When severely overweight, the safety valve will open to prevent danger.