Machine tool production line truss manipulator

 Gantry-robot     |      2021-12-27 15:29
As a new type of conveying tool, the truss manipulator is more and more popular. At present, the mainstream flexible automated production line logistics system at home and abroad mainly has two forms: an automatic production line composed of a truss manipulator conveying workpieces and an automated production line composed of a robot loading and unloading system.
In developed industrial systems in Europe, America, Japan, etc., agile flexible production systems composed of high-speed machining centers and truss manipulators have become mainstream products. The truss manipulator transports parts at high altitude and directly transports the processed parts from one machine tool to another machine tool. The truss manipulator has auxiliary functions such as inter-process transportation, automatic loading and unloading, and material rotation. Because the transportation is fast, accurate, and flexible, the structure is relatively simple and easy to combine. Therefore, it is valued by machine tool manufacturers.
The truss manipulator is composed of three basic parts: the main body, the drive system and the control system. The robot is divided into a Cartesian coordinate system according to its structure, and the manipulator moves along the two-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system. The main part usually adopts a gantry structure, which is composed of Y-direction beams and guide rails, Z-direction gates, cross slides, columns, transitional connecting plates, bases, etc.
The linear motion in the Z direction is an AC servo motor, which drives the gear to roll through a worm gear reducer. The rack is fixed on the Y-direction beam and the Z-direction ram to drive the moving parts to move quickly along the guide rail. The moving parts are a light cross sliding seat and a Z-direction gate, and the gate is made of aluminum alloy profiles. The beam is made of square steel profile, the guide rail and the frame are installed on the beam, and the roller contacts with the guide rail, and the whole manipulator is suspended on the beam.