Load turning devices for KF-RVE Electric

 Load Turning     |      2019-08-19 18:10
Chain turning machine
Product model: KF - RVE Electric
Condole belt spacing can be adjusted manually, weight: 10000 to 200000 kg 

Chain turning machine
The component of product:
1. The crane beam
2. The suspension
3. Hanging bolt
4. Rubber shoes
5. Drive
The driving wheels of the 6.
7. The chain or strap
8. Adjust the motor (V = 1.0 m/min)
9. Adjust the screw
The control box
11. CEE 5 hole socket
12. Flashlight door and the line of control
13. The biggest driving wheel spacing
14. The minimum distance between driving wheel
Scope of supply:
Basic configuration are applied to crane hook hanging eyes, belt line, appliance with switch (left/right and stop), 400 v / 50 hz 3 phase electric, 48 v control voltage, socket with CEE 5 hole.
Selection table:
TM - turning torque, TS - turning speed, W - gravity (do not contain condole belt/chain)
Chain turning machine